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Master in Food Studies   

The Master in Food Studies was a tremendous personal experience and led to opportunities that I previously had not considered. Immediately before the beginning of the degree, I had completed a Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Food Service Management degree, and previous to that I was employed as a chef. The degree allowed me to channel my previous qualifications and experiences onto a new personal course, whilst still maintaining my link to the areas of food and eating. Upon graduation, I continued further down my new course, in a more academic and research-based direction, which provided an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. within Food Studies. The Master in Food Studies allowed me to build a base in research methodologies, food sociology, food anthropology, food cultures, and nutrition which has greatly benefited my pursuit of a Ph.D.


I was also afforded my first experiences in the academic world, which was extremely valuable. The program’s joint courses with the Master in Hospitality Management allows for the development of interests tied more closely with the hospitality industry. An important aspect of the lectures for me was the extremely high level of knowledge and experience of the lecturers. The guest lecturer sessions are truly brilliant, as students are allowed to learn from leaders in industry and academia. I think an important aspect of any Master’s degree is being able to learn from fellow students, and for me this was fulfilled, especially by being able to learn about cultural and geographic differences.   

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