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Pursue further study in US while obtaining a strong foundation in various majors with Taylor’s American Degree Programme.

Learn from industry experts who cover programme topics such as biology, sociology and philosophy with Taylor’s Bachelor of Psychology.


Taylor's University is proud to announce a collaboration with The Actors Studio to bring you Malaysia's first Performing Arts conservatory programme.


Be part of Taylor’s annual mobility programme—the Language Summer Camps and experience Malaysian culture in a communicative way.


International languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean languages are only offered as university electives to enrolled students from numerous schools.


Specially designed to assess a candidate's competency in the English language for university studies. The IELTS examination is recognized by universities in United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our programme has been designed to be fully compliant with the European Framework and we provide this programme to ensure that all of our students are able to study effectively in English.

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