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School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The University’s youngest and the most diverse school offering a range of cutting-edge academic programmes in innovative modes

The School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (SLAS) fosters academic excellence and holistic learning through its unique array of programmes in the humanities and social sciences in innovative modes like 2u1i ( Work Based Learning), Performing Arts conservatory etc.  Our diversity and dynamism provide the foundation for any field of study, from the performing arts, social sciences and languages to American Degree Programme and Psychology. With a balanced mix of arts and sciences, students are able to sculpt their individualized study plans to include subjects like Philosophy, Sociology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Theatre, Music, Social Psychology, Engineering, International Relations, Dance, Business and Accounting, Filmmaking and many more!

The School of Liberal Arts & Sciences believes that studying humanities and social sciences is imperative in these times of technological leap and industrial revolutions as technological innovations create conditions that can be managed only by social innovation and adaptations. During the current cynicisms and violence in the world, the school's mission is to empower individuals with the guiding principles of inclusiveness, thoughtfulness and responsibility to their immediate environments within the Malaysian as well as the global community.

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